Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are home and everyone, except Bruce, is wide awake.  We pulled in about 3:00 am and it's now 8:43 am.  I'm so tired that I'm dizzy.  Kate is on the computer and Melissa is playing with AnNi's toys.  Welcome to the world of the toddler.
We look forward to getting settled and moving along into a routine.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One More Night

Tonight is the last night we will spend in China.  I love this country but, I can't wait to go home.  I miss my kids and my big one is home for only a few more days.  Can't wait to see him too. 
Today was our consulate appointment.  The paperwork has been processed and we will pick up the visa's tomorrow.  It has been very stormy today so we haven't been able to do a lot.  ChooChoo is taking a nap and Xiaochun has spent the day on the computer.  She is in for a rude awakening when we get home and the computer time is monitored.  We still have more shopping to do when the weather clears.  That is always fun in China!!!
See you in America!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Almost Done

Well only 2 days left!!!  Today we went to the pearl market and bookstore.  I have never seen so many pearls in my life.  Xiaochun bought a couple CD's for her birthday and a book.  Yesterday she picked up a jade cross necklace.  She can shop!  We got the results of their physicals today and Xialchun needs glasses and Qinqiu has a very enlarged spleen.  We did expect this.  It is due to over two years of blood transfusions without the use of celation.  It can be reversed but this will take time.  Otherwise they are healthy and TB free.
We went to Lucy's for dinner and remembered that we really never liked it.  Dinner last night was much better!!!  Tomorrow we head to the consulate for our interviews and then we are home free.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

We are here!!!!

We have arrived in Guangzhou!!!!  The night before we left Xiaochun took me to dinner at the mall.  I let her order.  I don't know what it was and I don't want to know.  It tasted good but has some long strange mushroom type things.  I will miss shopping in Nanjing because everything here is so expensive.

I think Xiaochun was nervous meeting Bruce because she was sure grumpy and became grumpy with our facilitator.  Saturday she was much better.  Also on Saturday we had to get the girl's physical's.  Xiaochun had to get a few shots in order to come to the US.  I don't think she feels well today.  She didn't eat much breakfast.  We are having a time getting her to allow me to be mom to ChooChoo.  The orphanage said that she really helped out with the little kids but ChooChoo needs to know who mom is.  We may decide to put Xiao into a ELD program when we get home to give everyone their space. 

Melissa is great!!  It took two days for her to warm up to me but she will now meet my gaze.  She loves her BaBa (daddy).  We are going to try to celebrate Xiaochun's birthday today but she won't tell us what she wants to do.  It's a national holiday here today, Labor Day.  The cities are very busy with people everywhere.  Wish us luck as we venture out into the rat race!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Hair Left

Today has been very boring.  We had no appointments and our sightseeing trip got cut short.  We were supposed to go to the city wall and city ruins by Kate wouldn't get in the taxi.  She gets very car sick so we visited some gardens and went to the "Temple".  Nanjing used to be the capitol of China hundreds of years ago and the original Forbidden City once stood.  Now it is a beautiful park amongst the ruins.  We will get a picture of the city wall on our way to the airport tomorrow.
We did a little shopping and she bought some things for AnNI and a rubber chicken for dad.  She kept trying to buy my mom some skimpy skirts.  If she only knew.  Kate is very sweet!!!  She bought Nana a carved pendant.  Once back at the hotel she wanted to play with my hair.  I think I have no hair left.  She pulls the comb right through knots and all.  Pain!!!!!!!!!  She and AnNi will have so much fun!
Tonight we pack for tomorrow we meet Bruce and Melissa!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She called me Mama

Today has been a very emotional day but, let me catch you up.  Yesterday Kate's adoption was final, now we just wait for her passport to be ready on Friday.  I had tried for two days to buy her something but she would not let me.  So finally she agreed to let me buy her a coin purse only if I got a wallet.  I said ok.  Then I gave her some money to put in her purse and immediately she started buying things for me.  She even tried to pay for dinner.  WOW!!!!!  Never had a kid like that before.  She has been very sweet!!!

Today we went to the orphanage.  The director showed us around the new building and the old one.  I was able to get pictures of where she slept and her kindergarten classroom.  She introduced me to a girl that she wants me to find a family for.  She is a very pretty girl with spinabifita (sp?).  I will try.  The director hosted a wonderful lunch with eight different dishes.  I even ate bean cured and liked it!!!!!  We went to the abandonment site but the buildings has been torn down so there really wasn't anything to see.  We also went to her school.  There are 44 kids in her class.  American schools have it made!!!  Her nanny gave her a very pretty doll, which she is having a fun time with. I don't think she has ever had one.

I talked to Bruce and he is enjoying Melissa but, ready for adult conversation.  He taught her how to say "Hi Mama, I love you".  You think I wasn't a baby?  Kate had to get me some tissue.  I can't wait to see this child.

My guide asked me today why I adopted Chinese children instead of making my children's life better.  Uh, what do you say to that, I enjoy debt?  I love my Chinese children and can't imagine my life without them.  I told her that my life is rich and that I love my life and my family and that there is more to life than money.  That was a tough concept and that for me is a tough concept.  I have always told my adopted children that Heavenly Father meant them for me but they had to go through someone else to get to me.  We are supposed to be together.  That is Gods design. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

My computer has been hijacked

I picked up Xiaochun this morning from the Civil Affairs office.  It was a very stark building but the people were nice.  One orphanage director pegged me as the parent of a 2 yr. old.  She was a beautiful baby girl but I wasn't there for her.  I was there for my big girl.  Xiaochun's orphanage director and our guide were not kind.  They talked about how fat she was and how she will be a good worker for me.  They also suggested that I use Xiaochun to help me sew dresses since she is lazy and doesn't try hard in school.  They suggested that I start a factory with all my Chinese children.  I was blown away and sad at the same time.  Xiaochun eats with her head down and covers herself as she walks by others on the street.  We have our work cut out for us. 

Xialchun is a typical teenager.  Listening to her ipod and watching videos on the computer.  She even changed the language on the computer.  Man I hope it survives.  Communication is really hard!  She talks, I cry, she laughs.  I am more frustrated that she.
Our guide just dumped us today.  We spent most of the afternoon watching TV and me reading.  Dinner was interesting as Pizza Hut is not the same but, the ice cream made it all better.

I am praying for a better day tomorrow and some better communication.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goats and Sheep

I finally talked to Bruce tonight.  He has had quite an adventure!  His flight was delayed because of goats and sheep.  They got loose before the plane took off and then once in flight they kept walking up and down the aisle.  He said that no one seemed to really care.  It's really amazing since he was traveling to the largest city in the world. 
He was able to venture out while I stayed in my room.  I had no guide today and am just not comfortable taking off by myself.  I've had way too much time to think!  We both pick up our girls tomorrow!!!  We're very nervous.  We spent so much time waiting to see if this was really going to work that we didn't send any photos to help prepare them.  Many families send gifts and photos to their children ahead of time but, we didn't want to get Kate's hopes up and then something happen.  So now we are praying a lot and hoping for the best.
I did venture downstairs to check out the "Western Dinner" in the dining room.  Yeah, nothing western there so I have ordered a pizza.  This will be interesting.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're here!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all of our drama and chaos we finally made it.  It's odd being being here with Bruce in another city.  It will be very interesting seeing him after spending a week with a 3 yr. old.  I pick up Kate on Monday and Bruce will also get Melissa on Monday.  As for today and Sunday, it's just time to relax, with the construction next door.  Wonder when the work day ends.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Away we go...............

Today is the day that we leave to go get our girls.  I am so mixed with emotions from leaving my little kids to not having any idea what to do with a 14 yr. old who doesn't speak my language.  Bruce and I will fly to Hong Kong and then go our different ways which adds to the stress. 
We will check in here when we can.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting..............

We received our receipt that USCIS has received our I800 applications so now another big wait.  Our new officer is very nice and it's our hope that it will all be approved.  USCIS has to now approve the child we are adopting and forward our file on visa's.  I must leave 4 weeks from today, at the latest.  Her health is not good and will most likely require a transfusion before we get home.  Senator Denhams office is waiting for their go ahead to push the visa through quickly.  Then the wait will be for the CCAA to issue our travel approval.
In the mean time I have just about completed Melissa's doll house.  I finished her dresser last week and I still have the girl's bunkbeds to do. Never enough time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

LOA, LOA, LOA, LOA!!!!!!!!

We got it!!!   We ARE going to China!!!  Details are coming tomorrow!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Our adoption agency emailed us today and had news that the CCAA is prepared to process our dossier.  I am told that the CCAA will work through the weekend to clear their desks as it is bad luck to leave work on your desk.  We expect our approval anytime!!!  If it doesn't come through it will be after Feb. 14.