Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well we can't agree on her name but we do agree that she belongs at home with us.  Her Chinese name is Qui but we are currently calling her Quinn.  Quinn is three yrs. old and living in an orphanage in Chingqing, China and is one of the most beautiful little girls ever.  So I'm a little biased.  We have two children from China, Jacob and AnNI, and we are excited to bring home just one more.  Quinn has a blood disorder but, we don't know the extent of it just yet. Check back often to watch us bring her home!!! 
Warning to dad, she likes money!!!!!

Jacob wants his little sister to be called "Annie" because "Annie is different than
AnNi mom."  AnNi wants a little sister to put make-up on and play dress-up with.

Bryant and his beautiful wife Amanda won't be around much, they live in
North Carolina, but they're looking forward to having another peanut to harrass.
We sure miss them!!!

We have a blessed family and look forward to bringing home our only missing family member!!!
Let the fundraising begins!!!!