Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And It Came!!!!!

We were notified of our LID today, yeah!!!!!  This means that the CCAA has 33 days to produce our LOA or it won't happen until after Chinese New Year.  The problem is that the Chinese govt. shuts down for three weeks for New Year.  If we get our LOA (approval) by Feb. 3 then we should travel about April 1. 
Please keep Quinn in your prayers.  She needs them.

Monday, December 13, 2010

What's the Hold Up?

Today is Dec. 12, 2010.  Our dossier went to China on Oct. 8 and still we have no Log In Date, this is the date that our formal application gets logged into the the China Center for Adoption Affairs.  We should be approved by now and preparing to leave just after the first of the year.  But we're not.  It seems that the service responsible for transferring our application funds had a problem.  Our fees were there when they should have been but the service used a different account and China didn't recognize the new process. 
Needless to say we are still waiting and so is Quinn along with her medical needs which should be addressed very soon.  Please remember her in your prayers and help us bring her home quickly.