Monday, April 25, 2011

My computer has been hijacked

I picked up Xiaochun this morning from the Civil Affairs office.  It was a very stark building but the people were nice.  One orphanage director pegged me as the parent of a 2 yr. old.  She was a beautiful baby girl but I wasn't there for her.  I was there for my big girl.  Xiaochun's orphanage director and our guide were not kind.  They talked about how fat she was and how she will be a good worker for me.  They also suggested that I use Xiaochun to help me sew dresses since she is lazy and doesn't try hard in school.  They suggested that I start a factory with all my Chinese children.  I was blown away and sad at the same time.  Xiaochun eats with her head down and covers herself as she walks by others on the street.  We have our work cut out for us. 

Xialchun is a typical teenager.  Listening to her ipod and watching videos on the computer.  She even changed the language on the computer.  Man I hope it survives.  Communication is really hard!  She talks, I cry, she laughs.  I am more frustrated that she.
Our guide just dumped us today.  We spent most of the afternoon watching TV and me reading.  Dinner was interesting as Pizza Hut is not the same but, the ice cream made it all better.

I am praying for a better day tomorrow and some better communication.


  1. I am so sorry. I'm just in shock....sooooo sorry. Blessings for a better day tomorrow! Hugs.


  2. i am glad she laughs. that is great.

  3. Praise God you got her out of there when you did!
    So glad she is laughing. She will probably soak up the love in no time and come out of her shell completely!

  4. I'm shocked by the comments the director and your guide made about your daughter. Hopefully these kinds of things have not been said to her. I know you're glad to have her & begin showering her with the love and affection she deserves!

  5. I am sooo happy that she has a family now and she will NEVER be subjected to those kinds of hurtful things again without having someone to stick up for her. She really, really needs you. We are all sooo glad that you made it in time for her.

    Janelle's mom

  6. Were they American or Chinese? Aye, what's wrong with people?! Can you take a pic of the two of you and post it to the blog? So exciting! Did you take pics of friends and family to start showing her? Does she speak any english? If not, she can teach us chinese :)