Saturday, April 30, 2011

We are here!!!!

We have arrived in Guangzhou!!!!  The night before we left Xiaochun took me to dinner at the mall.  I let her order.  I don't know what it was and I don't want to know.  It tasted good but has some long strange mushroom type things.  I will miss shopping in Nanjing because everything here is so expensive.

I think Xiaochun was nervous meeting Bruce because she was sure grumpy and became grumpy with our facilitator.  Saturday she was much better.  Also on Saturday we had to get the girl's physical's.  Xiaochun had to get a few shots in order to come to the US.  I don't think she feels well today.  She didn't eat much breakfast.  We are having a time getting her to allow me to be mom to ChooChoo.  The orphanage said that she really helped out with the little kids but ChooChoo needs to know who mom is.  We may decide to put Xiao into a ELD program when we get home to give everyone their space. 

Melissa is great!!  It took two days for her to warm up to me but she will now meet my gaze.  She loves her BaBa (daddy).  We are going to try to celebrate Xiaochun's birthday today but she won't tell us what she wants to do.  It's a national holiday here today, Labor Day.  The cities are very busy with people everywhere.  Wish us luck as we venture out into the rat race!

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  1. Whatever you decide to'll be doing it together! Enjoy your time alone with the girls.