Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She called me Mama

Today has been a very emotional day but, let me catch you up.  Yesterday Kate's adoption was final, now we just wait for her passport to be ready on Friday.  I had tried for two days to buy her something but she would not let me.  So finally she agreed to let me buy her a coin purse only if I got a wallet.  I said ok.  Then I gave her some money to put in her purse and immediately she started buying things for me.  She even tried to pay for dinner.  WOW!!!!!  Never had a kid like that before.  She has been very sweet!!!

Today we went to the orphanage.  The director showed us around the new building and the old one.  I was able to get pictures of where she slept and her kindergarten classroom.  She introduced me to a girl that she wants me to find a family for.  She is a very pretty girl with spinabifita (sp?).  I will try.  The director hosted a wonderful lunch with eight different dishes.  I even ate bean cured and liked it!!!!!  We went to the abandonment site but the buildings has been torn down so there really wasn't anything to see.  We also went to her school.  There are 44 kids in her class.  American schools have it made!!!  Her nanny gave her a very pretty doll, which she is having a fun time with. I don't think she has ever had one.

I talked to Bruce and he is enjoying Melissa but, ready for adult conversation.  He taught her how to say "Hi Mama, I love you".  You think I wasn't a baby?  Kate had to get me some tissue.  I can't wait to see this child.

My guide asked me today why I adopted Chinese children instead of making my children's life better.  Uh, what do you say to that, I enjoy debt?  I love my Chinese children and can't imagine my life without them.  I told her that my life is rich and that I love my life and my family and that there is more to life than money.  That was a tough concept and that for me is a tough concept.  I have always told my adopted children that Heavenly Father meant them for me but they had to go through someone else to get to me.  We are supposed to be together.  That is Gods design. 

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