Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Hair Left

Today has been very boring.  We had no appointments and our sightseeing trip got cut short.  We were supposed to go to the city wall and city ruins by Kate wouldn't get in the taxi.  She gets very car sick so we visited some gardens and went to the "Temple".  Nanjing used to be the capitol of China hundreds of years ago and the original Forbidden City once stood.  Now it is a beautiful park amongst the ruins.  We will get a picture of the city wall on our way to the airport tomorrow.
We did a little shopping and she bought some things for AnNI and a rubber chicken for dad.  She kept trying to buy my mom some skimpy skirts.  If she only knew.  Kate is very sweet!!!  She bought Nana a carved pendant.  Once back at the hotel she wanted to play with my hair.  I think I have no hair left.  She pulls the comb right through knots and all.  Pain!!!!!!!!!  She and AnNi will have so much fun!
Tonight we pack for tomorrow we meet Bruce and Melissa!

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